How to prepare your booktubes…

You can choose one or more of these topics to prepare your booktube. Have a look!

1.Plot: focus on the main conflict. Comment on the type of narrator. Main themes. Message. Genre. Register. Structure.

2.Characters: description. Relationships they have with one another. Development of characters.

3. Linguistic Expressions and literary devices: new words,idioms and literary devices.

4.Retelling the story from the point of view of one of the characters.

5. Describing bookcover and relating it to the story. Think of other possibility of a cover and say why you would choose that one instead of the original.

6.Discussing the title of the book. Think of other possibilities.

7.Working on quotations. Choose at least four and explain them and connect them with the topic.

8. Do your best and enjoy it!!

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